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Welcome to the home of the Wondernerd. AKA Wonder_nerd, Wonder-Nerd, 1drNerd, or wndrnerd. Currently I am tied up in other projects and don’t have time to do much with this site. Eventually it will be more developed. For the time being it’s just a very simple site with a twitter feed.

1drNerd Kansas Plate on the Range

This is the home of the WonderNerd on the net. The WonderNerd’s home is, you guessed it, “on the range” in the great state of Kansas.


The Wondernerd


This evening the final 2012 list of VMware’s vExperts was released. I am one of them! This designation is given to outstanding VMware engineers and evangelists who use social media and other technological means to promote the VMware products. I’m so excited to be considered among this group. It is truely an honor.

Here is the link talking about the holders of the title. I’m listed under Anthony Foster or under my handle of @wonder_nerd

And here is the discussion about what a vExpert is:

And here is a great by the numbers peice by J. Dooley:

vExpert logo

Posted: 4-19-12

April Showers

Here is a picture of the funnel clouds that went over my house this evening. (Click on the image for a larger view)

April 14, 6:50PM Funel Cloud

Posted 4-14-12 7:10PM

Dell Tech Center Rock Star

I’m now officially a Dell Tech Center Rock Star! I got an email from my friend Jeff at the DTC asking if I would consider the title along with a bunch of other great folks. I said sure and now I’m a rock star. :)

Dell Tech Center Rock Star

Posted: 3-27-12

Site on Strike

If you tried to get to my site on 1-18-12 you probably noticed that it was down. I participated in the Black Out strike against SOPA and PIPA. Both bills would pose a serious threat to my website and many other small websites. If you wish to contact your representative in Washington visit to find your representative. Senators can be found at

If you are a Kansan you can visit Jerry Moran’s web site and sign his petition against SOPA here:

Permanent link to this article:

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I shot an arrow into the air… (New Job)

My parting message when I left VCE on May 23rd of this year was based on Longfellow’s poem “The Arrow and the Song.” The jist being that “I shot an arrow into the air, it fell to the earth I knew not where.” With my announcement today I complete the poem, “Long, long afterward, in …

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Website Backup Diagram

Backing Up My WordPress Site

Thought I would share a quick post on how I protect this site. For those who don’t know me I started my career working in the backup industry. As such I am a firm believer in the saying “if you don’t have 3 copies of it then it doesn’t exist.” As such I try to …

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